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Nail Designs 2012

Next autumn will be probably filled with various shades of brown. We can show you some original and unusual methods of dealing with brown colours and mixing then with other, but today we focus on very spectacular shade of brown, called cocoa brown.

Cocoa brown shirt

Cocoa brown shirt

Cocoa shade is a combination of soft beige and brown with a light touch of intense gray. This is one of the brightest shades of the brown color so it can be beautifully combined with saturated, summer colors, making transition between summer and autumn clothing very smooth and comfortable.

Cocoa brown wear

Cocoa brown wear

Cocoa is also one of the coldest shades of brown. This is a very noble and sober color but also likes to be mixed with fun-loving arrangements of other colors. Thus, you can wear it as a minimalist, single and dominant shade of your clothing but also as a base for warm, neon colors. It also works very well with Nail Designs 2012, so use them wisely.

Cocoa brown is the color of cold, theoretically belonging to the summer palette but it looks best in autumn, mixed with precisely matched other colors from your preferred palette. But will it fit you? Well, there are some simple methods of making perfect choose. Cocoa is your color, if:

  • your natural hair color is gray – you can call it “Mouse”  gray.
  • your skin is well supplied with blood, prone to show blood vessels,
  • you’re swarthy and quickly sunbathing,
  • your iris is pale and hazy,
  • your moles are gray – brown.
Cocoa brown handbag

Cocoa brown handbag

Cocoa is so calm color that you can safely add it to the vivid colors even in the various supplements to your clothing. Thanks to them, the color will not look boring and additionally, strong colors slightly mute the cocoa brown.  What are our favorites for creating successful mixes with cocoa brown? Canary yellow and cobalt – the colors of winter color palette that perfectly crank great styling.

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