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Women’s pants for summer 2011


Trousers might very well be the protagonists for this season’s fashion trend. The better choice? It is impossible to praise for only one kind, since this summer they come in the form of thousand designs ! Would you like to know what type of trousers you have to have, yes or yes, in your wardrobe? Take notes: For instance, the pants stamped with an oriental touch are a pure trend. But do not think that they are only suitable for more trendier fans, anyone could look gorgeous wearing them.
According to the fashion rules, the skirts should be wore long, the blazers to the hip, the shorts to the knee … and the trousers? Well, not always below the ankle, as it was supposed to be in the past.

This spring  be aware, because when it comes to pants it is impossible to simplify. Different fashion shows have proposed such  different styles that we must make an elaborated list to be able to keep up with trends.
Tracing the best collections.Would you like to go off shopping but  do not know what trousers you must have in your wardrobe? It is time, then, to review all recent fashion shows and discover those which are causing furor. We will try to summarize the best trends for you.

pants3As we have just said, the trousers stamped with an oriental touch are a pure trend.Marc Jacobs gives us the keys of one of the trousers of the season: high above the waist, with broad leg and always, always a couple of fingers over the ankle. Dare to combine them, as the designer proposes us, with shirts with knot for a look very seventies.
Wide leg pants are also a summer trend; even though they have a masculine past and first appeared during the 70’s, they are being rescued for women use this season (past always return).

In contrast, also expect very colorful and stamped leggings, as have been used by several actresses from now on.
The bottom line is that there will be a wide range of styles to chose from, fortunately.
Which of these styles would you prefer?

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