Women shoes 2011

zapatosHigh, very high, really high heels!  If you get dizzy after looking down the stairs, better take some Dramamine because this spring-summer collection in women´s shoes is several inches up the floor.
Different styles, though. You will get them with very thin wheels, like stilettos  or over platforms, made of the same material as the rest of the shoe or with cork, for instance, which is quite popular. All shoe designers include this style in their collections (Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blatnik, Prada, etc).
However, the most exhotic (or you can call them extravant) are those designed by Balenciaga like the one shown in the following picture, with high heels made of cubes of diferent textures and colours, as well as the rest of the shoes,  really something different.
balenciagaOne of the novelties are the clogs with socks, usually to the wrist (the socks, we mean) where the tend to acquire more importance than the shoe itself.
Sandals will be a must for summer, as any previous year as well as ballet flats. If your prefer something with more body, try the wedge style heel which gives it more of a solid look than a pair of pumps.
Ankle booties are also a shoe trend this spring-summer 2011, either with laces, zipper or peep toed.
oxford shoesMasculine shoes with a feminine touch, like the one shown in the picture, known as brogues, oxford or monks are also popular. They are comfortable and chic.
Up to the knees boots are also trendy for this spring but we suppose that for summer they will not be used.

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