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Winter Trends in Fashion

acne-pop-2010-fall-winter-1It is difficult to always be in the know when it comes to fashion with trends changing so quickly and often. In the winter there are some trends that you can follow.

Mix prints clothing are usually at the top of the fashion list in the winter season. In this season, anything goes so do not be afraid to mix match the color preferences of clothing you may have, let your imaginations run wild. Whether it be vibrant colors, army colors or some long peek a boo dress wear them because they are now back in fashion, streaming down the fashion runway. Stripes are usually being worn in this season as well, wear classic stripes.  Blue and and white are usually the best match, but any combination will do. You may choose from options of striped dresses, striped shirts, striped tee, striped evening wear or striped sweater dresses. Use these striped clothing to balance your figure in an attractive way. Patchwork, which was first noticed back in the sixties, is great because you will never be one of a crowd, you have many ways of standing out. Try to keep away from leather or sued jackets with patchwork jeans as a combination, keep it modest, like the regular jeans and a plain white T-shirt.

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