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Winter Boot Trends 2010

Winter boots are a staple item for any wardrobe. Combining looks and practicality, these styles will see you keep warm and make a bold fashion statement.


Over-the-Knee Boots:

OKB are very in for the winter season and can be found with low or high heels, catering to all tastes. Seen on most runways this catwalk season, the best thing is that this style look great with all types of clothing- skirts, dresses, tights or skinny jeans.

Height isn’t an issue wearing these boots, as long as they are worn approximately an inch above the knee. To give the illusion of longer pins, team the boots with a pair of leggings that match their colour.

It is important that the boots be the focus of your outfit, as with all trends- less is more. Simple, yet chic outfits that don’t take away from the boots are the key.



Flat Winter Boots:

While we all love our high heels, getting through the rain and snow wearing them isn’t a typical idea of fun. The benefits of flat boots are a lessened chance of tripping and obviously are more comfortable during horrible winter weather.

Flat boots look great with just about anything and are a popular choice for winter this year.



Fold-Down Boots:

One of the latest boot trends for the season is the fold-down boot. This style of boot is a great relaxed option for when you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to remain chic.

If you have petite legs, look for over the knee boots that give you length, but which can be folded down. Fold-down ankle boots look great with toned calves

To save money, keep your eyes out for the fold-down boots that can be worn several different ways.


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