Written by Tendenzias

Why Women Wear Make-Up

z200431154The question is asked why women choose to wear make-up, it’s for several reasons which I would explain further. One of the main reason to enhance their beauty, make up lets them feel more confident and they can walk around with a proud and pleasant smile. It is said that most women who carry pretty eylelashes tends to use eyeliners to make them stand out even more, some women use mascara to make their eyelashes longer and fuller giving more beauty to that area of the face. It is even said that some women wear make up just for fun and to give them a different look and feel at times.

Some women wear make up to cover something, maybe a scar or a mark, some wear it so they may look younger than they actually are. Make up gives women a sense or a certain feel of confidence so when they have to do something formal, for instance making a speech, presentation or something of that sort they can feel confident of their appearance beign good. They have less to worry about as they don’t need to fret how they look or why people may be staring at them.

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