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Why the Italian fashion has so much importance in the world

The fashion made in Italy has a high consideration all over the world. Such success is had to, mainly, to the outstanding quality of the local fashion houses. But not only. The international fame often choose Italian clothing. That it contributes to confer further prestige and fame to the Italian fashion. The spark and the success The Italian businesses of fashion gain an international public in the successive years to the second world war. In the January of 1949 in the Roman basilica of Holy Francesca it is held one of the most important marriages of the century, that between Tidy Christian and Tyrone Power. The bride decides to make to realize the garment from the boutique of the sisters Fountain. TV and foreign newspapers stay electrocuted and quite impressed from the Italian style. The media covering of the marriage is high. So how it is Most High the satisfaction collected from the garment of the bride. And yet I am these the years of reconstruction for the Italian economy.

The foreign competition, in the field of the fashion, is considerable. But gradually the Italian factories earn positions. A fundamental role for the growth of the Italian fashion all’ foreign countries is played from the American cinema that takes practically possession of Cinematic in Rome. The cinema carries a lot of work to the rising Italian industry of the fashion, in particular manner to the dressmaker’s. Spiciest for skill the sisters Fountain (the that had a workshop in the Venetian neighborhoods of road in Rome). But not only. They emerge new designers like Federico Schubert and Roberto Hoods. The charm from high Italian fashion bursts in 1951 when in the Florentine house of the marchionesses Giovanni Baptist Service is held the “First Italian High Fashion Show”.

The marchionesses that succeeds enterprise of to make to attend the important parade personality of the world of the American fashion. It is a grandiose success. The Americans are again enthusiasts of the fashion made in Italy. In the following years the parades of fashion of Florence move themselves to the evocative location of Small Palace. I am these years in which is born also the good Italian porter.

The boutique sell not only clothing on measure, but them subdivided in sizes for all of the customers and to lower costs. But the quality of the clothing remains unbroken. The large signatures In The years’ 70 the Italian fashion finishes the definitive bounce towards the world success thanks to the birth of the large signatures: Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti, Gianfranco Ferrè. All designers appreciated all’ foreign countries (where comes copied the Italian habit of to extend the fashion also to the accessories and not only to the clothing). The success of the Italian fashion in the world is not attributable alone to the birth of large talents like those above cited. Decisive the role from manufacturing attitude and of the creativity from Italian industry.


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