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Which Shoes is Better High or Low Heels?

kitty Moat persons are of the view that hih heels look better with a formal outfil than it does with a casual one.In the Olden times high heels were mostly worn in a formal setting or with a formal outfit, now we can see individuals wearing them both with casual outfits as well as the formal ones. High heels brings a high sense of compliment to an outfit apppropriate for work, church or outfits worn to extents such as dinners, weeddings, funerals or any formal event for that matter. Low heels also brings a sense of compliment to these outfits according to exactly what is being worn.

High heels as we have heard are sometimes dangerous for person depending on the design of the heel and the ability of the person to walk in the shoe as it may cause damage to a person’s womb or feet, ankles, knees etc. Low heels can be worn to completely formalize an outfit depending on the event it’s being worn to. Low heels seems to be of more comfort, saying this after gathering persons opinions, it cause less  harm to the feet or body parts and is less rocky on feet, the question is now which is better, low or high heels?

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