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When design full of money

Solar as a banquet, invite the gold in the interior. The designers hold, play with its past and its history, to better play their hand. Walking in a timeless world beaming.

In this day and age, it is better to turn to gold, including veneer, as far as actions, “he says jokingly to design lovers.” It ‘true that the notion of property investment is very strong when the yellow metal comes into play “said Agnes Standish-Kentish, who invited nine artists to do with white and yellow gold. For twenty-five years, in his gallery Waiting for the Barbarians, she braids important links between designers and craftsmen also experimented that Peter Low, who was the blacksmith of Diego Giacometti.

Directed all the gold for the chair of Peter Traag sponge, from € 5,930, MondoMio.Photo DR

“For this exhibition, I wanted to deal with timeless artists, decorative arts family as Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti to minimalists like Eric Jourdan and Matt Sindall, accustomed to the desires of urban signage and self industrien.” For some farsighted, anchored to gold History and tradition does have a nostalgic echo. It ‘true that the sheet of beaten gold shone in ancient Egypt, the first nimber Baroque Italy and the European courts of the Grand Siècle and Enlightenment.

In mind, this is good news. In fact, this is less certain, because our industry, dying, of course, obliged to buy the “best available techniques” to get up to date. If you are from French sources and bring to a particular French inventor royalties, his name is French Petroleum Institute, or if a small business to some people, whatever.Problem now is that the Chinese are becoming darker like crazy to develop new processes and equipment in the field of environmental protection. Of about 100 billion dollars a year in R § D! Once again, then maybe it will buy time for the Chinese and the purchase of goods sophisticated! Brackets your interpretation does not seem good when you write “It ‘s clear, the most advanced techniques will be, unless the producers can pollute.” No, he wrote that “Manufacturers will be required to install all the new techniques that allow them to pollute less.” And this is not the same thing. Fortunately, perhaps, still swimming in the theory, since it is written that “no information is currently available.” As usual, the bureaucracy requires, first, which regulates the manner in which it will be able to do to achieve the goals (ie theoretical everything!) September Asia’s dark, it regulates in Europe.

Matter aristocratic excellence

Throughout history, gold was the standard of luxury and wealth. Nomadic peoples who invaded the world in the first millennium loved more than anything in precious metal sound and stumbling, but above all, easy to carry. It is they who, armed with a culture much less resistant and less harsh that he had long imagined, inspired this post-modern movement of the ’90s and, more recently, the famous designers like the Campana brothers.

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