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When design full of money (2 ° part)

The Brazilian duo has updated some of his creations, like the sofa or chair Leatherworks Powder, applying the skin of gold, like a dream machine in morositéambiante.

With this taste of hybridization, their trademark, the two brothers have also covered the ceiling of the Café de l’Horloge, the Orsay Museum, renamed Café Bell, glittering golden lights that seem ready to ring the bell Hammer, like great bells.”Gold, noble material par excellence, is demanding, warns Agnes Standish-Kentish. Must be installed with skill and discernment, under pain of falling into kitsch reminiscent of the lower floors of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine or the mud of the Southeast Asian! The rehabilitation of the Pont Alexandre III leaves me doubtful. Too much paint on the leaves! dysneyification Attention also to the heritage. “

Applied by expert hands, the gold plating gives a table, a lamp or a change in style mirror several copies and uniqueness. Last year, for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the gallery, the publisher had made the Orc chair, throne patinated steel sculpture, created in 1984 by Jean-Philippe Gleizes. It is rediscovered entirely covered in gold leaf. Even more out of time.

Calendar as the Feast

Enthusiasm similar between Hervé Van der Straeten, who made furniture with sharp lines, so as not to distract those shiny honey that knows your fingertips. “I started my career creating jewelry, she says. L ‘, bronze, gold or even gold polished brass catch the light of such a rather” the neck of a lady, the arm of a sofa or in the folds ofa dresser. “One of my most dangerous challenges was that little cabinet, while the gilded wood, on which we had infinite time. Craftsmen of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries gave us such a level of quality! Looks like the patina of the furniture are survivors! ”

In his apartment in Paris, Hervé Van der Straeten not hesitate to marry a giltwood mirror of Spanish seventeenth chocolate leather sofa by Jasper Morrison. Solar such as festivals, golden curls like wax candles, puts his nets on porcelain, blackmails the arts of the table, umbrella perfume, but especially chugging through our daily lives.

“Shopping for a decoration that is worth gold

In the course of time, there has been democratized. Thus, the Tolix seats, icons of French industrial design, made from Persona Grata, accustomed to free field, are also available in shades of bronze. “The painting shows a translucent glaze on the rewarding work of stainless steel. Not have film side and gold lacquer gives this type of furniture that is both a valuable and unusual,” said Marc Bado. You will, with the gold, he never loses the thread of the story or that of modernity. In internal as in the public square, the yellow metal is still debated.

Source: www.lefigaro.fr


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