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What protection for the skin?

Do not know what you need to buy sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun without damaging your skin? We must learn to know a little ‘more the type of skin you have and you can easily choose sunscreen that is right for your case.

When choosing a sunscreen cream as it is essential to know the type of skin you are using. Not all skin types are alike, so there are several products that can be used as a sunscreen. For fair-skinned people who burn easily, especially for children and consider using a higher protection 50. For people who have very fair skin, the right protection is between 30 and 50 would be. Finally, for those with darker skin, it is advisable to take sunscreen that will have a factor of between 15 and 20. In any case it is advisable to buy sunscreen at the pharmacy, where you can recommend the best products for the health of your skin and can also provide advice for the maximum time of exposure to sunlight.

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