Written by Tendenzias

What fashion cost?


Persons would consider fashion to be very expensive, I would say once you can budget then fashion can become less inexpensive. The maintenance of this looking good thing, or keeping up with what is in style is costly. Fashion takes time, you always have to be aware of the cost and different style of the items that you want or may need. So for one it cost time. It cost money, not every fashion item you get you would have bought, just maybe someone for instance a family member, a friend or a good samiritan may have bought it or sent it for you, in that case you didn’t spend any money but they did. In the case of you buying an item, the item may be expensive or seem expensive but the price varies along with the store it is being offered in. Fashion cost ideas, designes have to sit and take up time and paper, pen and other instruments to put an idea for a clothing item together, then it may have to go through a process before the actual item is made. So to sum it up, fashion takes more than just going to the store and buying what you want, it starts from the beginning where an idea is manifested.

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