Wedding Out


Marriage is the ideal time for that next to enjoy with your friends and family, all those things that mark you as a person and as girlfriend plus couple. Do you want an original marriage?

Wedding traditions are one of the most significant for any country. The union of two families has always had great importance and all the traditions associated with it are appreciated and preserved from generation to generation. Have fun every day while you plan the wedding and could adapt traditions and become a very important and unforgettable part of the wedding.

But you do not must forget, what is out:


• Tablecloths only white or natural.

• The “roads” in the tables.

• Write the name of the bride and groom in the souvenirs. They must be in an aired or removable sticker.

• Spelling errors in the participations / invitations.

• Flowers cascade type.

• Very Inns photos. While it is perfect to take family portraits in a day so especial… not exaggerate!

• Cakes with sources or plastic accessories.

• Use balloons to decorate.

• Light colors combined with white.

• Invitations with cartoons or way of the bride and groom.

• More casual dress for groom.

 • Important headdresses: feathers, crystals, shine!

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