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Wedding Dressses 2012

Wedding Dresses 2012

The dress is one of the most important things of a wedding, at least for the bride. Even more important than the groom himself! Don’t you think? That’s why, if you’re getting married in 2012, you may want to see what are the just revealed trends for 2012.


The main style for wedding dresses in 2012 is going to be vintage. Veils and old accessories can be part of a dress to make it look more vintage, and the good thing is you may get some inspiration from your grandmother’s wedding dress!

A beautiful trend we will see on 2012 is the strapless wedding dress. Nevertheless the style needs to be wear with character and is not a good option for all brides. Women with wide shoulders may attract too much attention to them, which can be avoided by a wide skirt or a detail around the bust. Small bust can work well with strapless as long as you add some details to cheat the eye and make the dress balanced.


Some trends never seem to go away. That’s the case with princess-style skirts. They always look amazing in brides and, after all, if they make us feel like princesses in such an especial day, they can’t be bad, right?


Just e careful with this type of skirts as you don’t want to look too big. Everything needs a balance and each wedding dress should adapt to your own body to make you look and feel fabulous.

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