The Wedding Dress Trend OF 2011 Summer


June is running, there are many mm do the bride. Recent wedding in the spring and summer 2011 show in New York, to highly respected fashion brand society Oscar de la Renta (oscar de la renta) has released its latest series, as well as civilian-style j.crew Spring 2010 summer wedding dress officially on the market. Beautiful wedding dress is still very worth a visit.(http://

Designer Oscar de la Renta to design has always been known for expensive ball gowns, and many Hollywood stars and nobility, all its fans. It’s spring and summer wedding in 2011 family with exquisite workmanship and stylish design aesthetic people hooked again. Release of the spring and summer wedding in 2011 and 2011, the same background are decorated with plants, unlike the 2010 series of the show, interspersed with pink roses, while the 2011 is even more low-key, pure green plants to decorate the round.

Oscar de la Renta 2011 spring and summer wedding a big show to perspective lace print chiffon shirt accompanied by a mustard green high waist skirt shaped opening, waist foil with yellow flowers, pure color with a strong countryside, but also a change Past white wedding gives the inherent impression’s impressive.

The entire show is a white to a large Spreading romantic, smooth writing lines of beauty, spectacular three-dimensional flowers, so that sections are showing refined touching wedding temperament. Changes in grand style design from classic to extract simple easy to wear stylish models for the bride to provide a lot options.

The bride’s wedding dress show by wearing a black ending, full of dress skirt body “Butterfly”, so that wedding even more vivid and attractive, black color it bold and even more admirable. Keep up with the latest quarter show a year from the same designers showed off the hand, not in the style point of view the number of acts of derailment, more real effort in the details. Compared to 2010 series, 2011 series in the details obviously more detailed than the 2010, some fold more refined decoration.

The j.crew is 100% U.S. origin, concise style on the elegant style of a typical American leisure + occupation has (michelle obama) have chosen a step increase j.crew’s cardigan sweater dress, beautiful
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