Written by Tendenzias

Wedding Day Elements-Make It Or Buy It


In an effort to help brides and grooms plan their dream wed-dings at affordable prices, just about every wedding magazine,
website and book suggests mak-ing, rather than buying, certain wedding items. It’s a way to save money and put a personal touch on your big day. Most wedding couples love the idea of do-it-yourself wedding projects, not only for the budget
help but also as a way to have fun working with each other, as well as with the moms and bridesmaids in a group effort, self-catered and often with Champagne or margaritas and snacks! The party setting allows favors to be made quickly, and it
also can be a highlight of the weeks leading up to the wedding.

But before you plan to make everything for your wedding day, keep in mind that not every wedding element is ideal for DIY
savings. Some items, such as the wedding cake, are not to be scrimped on. Here’s why:

Professional bakers know how to construct a cake that will hold its shape and weight on, for example, a rainy evening. They have experienced staffers creat-ing, decorating and transporting the cake, which is extremely important if you don’t want your cake to slide around the trunk of a car.

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