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Wearing leather


Whatever the season, there is one element that can be used properly during almost any occasion. We are talking about leather, and we do not mean shoes, belts and purses, but basically jackets, vests and pants.

Leather jackets are classical and versatile. Not only there are several styles, from the long trench (made popular by actors as Humphrey Bogart during the 40’s and 50’s in the so called black movies) to those wore by motorcycle riders (as a symbol of challenge to the Establishment, like those used  by actors Marlon Brando and James Dean, for instance) and even suit-like models or very trendy models like the Balmain shown in the picture. Additionally, leather jackets last longer than any other jacket (the older they look the better, actually), provided you give it the proper care.

But there is also a trend for using leather vests, which fit perfectly for casual occasions and for spring and summer seasons. They are light, and they adjust to your body perfectly, marking your lines nicely. In cooler seasons, they can be wore under a coat or a suit.

Last but no least, you have leather pants. Even though the tendency was to consider them in the past as too sexy (and related to some hard sex practices, for instance), leather pants are now part of any woman’s wardrobe. The have the same advantages we mentioned for the leather jackets, as their endurance, the fact that last longer, and that they are versatile. You will look elegant with a leather pant either during a casual occasion as in a more formal one (not for a wedding reception, though).

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