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Key’s to Wear for The Right Occasion

Business Formal Look
A well-tailored black or navy suit, matching a lighter shade of shirt, never to be worn button down, buttoned up to the top at all times with preferably French cuff. Match it with a patterned tie, not too many bright colors and to some extent something simple and yet coordinated. Shoes should be shined, mostly suggesting color black and leather belt to finish.

Authoritative Look
Highly reputable look which mostly worn by officials. A fine pinstriped or solid suit is optional. Double or single breasted. Matching a light solid colored shirt. Recommending a pinstripe shirt for a solid suit and a solid shirt for pinstripe suit. French cuff preferably as always, never to be worn button down, always to the top at all times, a strongly contrasting tie with either stripe patterned or a simple but yet no large designs. Coordinated with black leather belt and shoes. Accessories add more elegance, match it with a nice cuff links, and yet refrain from the flamboyant or showy image.

Corporate Look

Jacket or blazer is acceptable. Your selection of colored pants with medium to light colored shirt that may be button down. Coordinated tie. Tasteful jewelry that is not showy. Wear it with well-polished dark shoes with matching belt.

Business Casual Look

Sport jacket or blazer preferably wool, micro fiber or silk pants textured material would look enormous. Weave top or an open collared shirt. Short sleeves are all right, but long sleeves are the best. Never to wear sporty shoes, but instead leather shoes with belt is recommended. Add some accessories and yet not ostentatious.

Casual Look

A well pressed wool, micro fiber, cotton or cotton blend slacks with a knit top or open collared shirt is a laid-back wear. Though short sleeves can also be worn, long sleeves are still superlative. Refrain from wearing t-shirts, it sometimes look substandard and at times takes away the tidy look in you. Nothing wrong with T-shirts especially if it has a
good quality and fits you right, but long sleeve shirts are still highly recommended.

Pleats or Flat front?

Pleats are more relaxed, flat front are sleeker. Generally younger customers are now trying out flat fronts, often with 2-button with side vent suit. The popular of men are sticking with pleated front slacks. They would rather the more traditional and common, but trying the variety of styles is of no harm as long it fits you right.

Cuff or plain Hem?

Suggestion, never ever cuff a formal pants. That is a definite rebuff in fashion, especially the tuxedo. Pleated pants are the ones that are usually cuffed, 1.75” inches, they balance and fall out better with the extra weight of the pant cuff.

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