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Watches are a certain form of accesory that is usually worn around the wrist of the hand, they are usually complimentary to an outfit and used to keep track of the time. The brands and styles of the watches varies, a certain color may be a better match than others depending on the color of the outfit being worn. A long time brand: Rolex, which seems to have some dominance of the fashion market. Rolex is known to be a strong brand and of reasonable quality, one of the leadings brands in the world.

Watches are made in silver, gold and now we see them being maid in colors such as; black, blue, red, white, brown, green etc.    These can be worn with a matching outfit of the same color, these watches are being made with a capability of switching bands so persons can purchase one watch and buy several different color bands that can be changed to fot an outfit. Watches are essential now in dressing up, because any where we go we always want to be aware of the time. So in a world like this where looking good is important, one may choose to wear a green outfit, where they can weal green all over and a watch with a green band.

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