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Wall Colors 2012

Slightly faded, salmon colored orange – this is a coral red. This is the warmest and lightest shade of red. Just right for those of you who feel ill in the acute red.

Canary shirt

Canary shirt

Coral is a very delicate shade of red. It looks subtly, as if he were a little washed-out or fade in the sun. This is the perfect choice for those in the saturated reds badly they feel. Coral is not overwhelming and does not stimulate as much as other reds.

Coral is a warm color. So bad it will look like ladies of a cold type of color for the ladies in the warm type of coral can walk in from head to toe. This shade of red will be perfect for Spring and autumn colors. In the coral you will face if:

  • your hair is reddish in color, reddish or golden blond,
  • you have lots of freckles and moles,
  • your eyes are proteins in ivory, and irises are very expressive.
Canary colored shoes

Canary colored shoes

Coral is beautifully presented with other spring colors. A great combination would contrast with the bright green coral – is an option for a summer stroll or trip out of town. Coral works also in more formal situations. To work, however, connect it with something quieter. Check here for example a warm shade of beige or canary yellow.

This is one of the hardest colors of the season. Trendy intense bile is demanding. To look good not only needs perfectly matched colors throughout the styling, but also light forms i. .. appropriate type of beauty. How to wear a yellow canary and not to step out of the background made from Wall Colors 2012?

Canary-yellow watch

Canary-yellow watch

Canary yellow color is not easy to wear. It is easy to make because that would look cheesy, dominating the beauty of women and breaking a needlessly to the fore. Intense yellow requires a lot of courage. Therefore, in most collections appears only in the form of a powerful add-on. This is the best way to make this color to your wardrobe.

In additions, canary yellow will not hurt anyone – it can only turn up the styling. But if someone zamarzy a dress or blouse canary, remember that color is not pounding out before beauty. Preferably in canary yellow women present themselves for winter color type. Feel free to dress in that color, if:

  • you have dark hair in a cool shade,
  • your iris contrasts strongly with a shade of eye protein,
  • quickly sunbathing on the gray – brown.

Canary yellow looks best at cold colors that soothe her a little. We recommend the color of royal blue, sapphire and light heather gray. The ideal combination for those of you who do not look good in neon with a kiss is a combination of a gray blouse with skirt canary. What can you say?

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