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Victoria’s Secret Spring Collection 2011

victorias secret
Victoria’ Secret presented his spring 2011 Collection, being one of its most popular lines the “very sexy”, with bright colours, animal sprints, boyshorts and, of course, the famous push-up bra. Models for this Collection includes Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
The push-up bras come with gel technology giving a boost yet not showing the traditional padding. Also included in the Very Sexy collection is a new from VS named…Very Sexy Now.
The lingerie manufacturer is also famous for its “boyfriend” clothing line (shirts, tanks, sweats, etc). Well, this spring introduces the “Ex-Boyfriend” pant. Who knew clothing lines went through break-up seasons?
Two new pairs of Blue London Jeans are part of the collection and there’s also a pair of Ex-Boyfriend Chino twill pants. These are a little more fitted than past boyfriend pants, but still low-rise, straight, and not too tight. Some people say that they look too men-like, an others that is a marketing strategy to get people talking about their new collection, which seems to be working nicely.
Other line of work by Victoria’s Secret this year has been sleepwear. The pajamas are adorned with great Valentine-day graphics with mottos like I love you, Kiss This, Be My Valentine, and many other accompanied with heart graphic designs.
Since not every woman like wearing the same designs, Victoria’s Secret collection features several pajamas styles, which are created to dress women with different personalities. Some girls adore sleep-shirts while others like boxer shorts. The collection includes sleep-shirts, loose sleep pants, cami’s, rompers, shorts, tees and bikinis.
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