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Victoria Secret 2012

Victoria Secret 2012.

Our favourite designer brand of underwear has launched some of the trends, designs and styles that will define the 2012. Today we want to share this news with you!


Victoria Secret is always making women look amazing. The designs, underwear and bikinis o swimsuits are always very feminine and with a sexy touch.

Next summer we will first see a lot of very delicate bikinis, in light colours (that go well with light skin women but also can make your tan look amazing) and this time the designs have a sensual side that you may love: they are designed to make our bust look bigger, giving us good support and comfort.

As usual you have many designs, patterns and colours to choose, being also able to combine models and sizes to create your perfect bikini.


One of the attractive things Victoria Secret is launching next year is a brand of swimsuits that are incredible sexy. Not being bikinis neither full body swimsuits, the style imposes transparencies or cut, showing a bit more without showing too much. What can be more sensual than that?

If we are talking about underwear, Victoria Secret has always something to make happy each one of us. Different fabrics, designs (some for sensual occasions, some for everyday comfort) and a fit that works well for every size and shape, Victoria Secret knows how to take care of your body and make you look fantastic. We are going to see a lot of push ups and bras that make our bust look bigger.

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