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Ultra Beauty 2012

Be natural and find your style.

Going through life, you develop your own individual style. On the basis of different experiences and aesthetic choices you connect different, sometimes radically different trends in fashion, creating a new quality. Rate your temperament, personality, manner and style in which you feel beautiful and comfortable. Clothing is your second skin.

Clothing styles

Clothing styles

Silhouette is everything.

Harmony – that’s the secret. Enjoy the silhouette of what nature gave you. Large mirror can be your great ally, you can also make use of Ultra Beauty 2012 from its newest collection.

Pack of clothes

Pack of clothes

Well-chosen underwear is essential.

In most cases, underwear should be visible, although not all the way – go for it all and choose to dress with taste. Underwear design creates a magical figure, and improves the way of pulling up, flattening or highlighting – creating required impression.

Color is the key.

Natural beauty is only the half way. You need to find your personal color with Ultra Beauty. For sure you’ll look great in many colors, but as usual the devil is in the details.

Another pack of various clothes

Another pack of various clothes

Opportunity and time of day influence the choice.

Your outfit will be chosen masterfully only if the dress fits the occasion or your position at work. Dress Code Rules are an expression of respect for others and part of savoir vivre, and just so some things simply are not discussed … Just same as we do not discuss about which side of the plate should be a knife and fork.

Without additive fashion does not exist.

The fastest and most spectacular way to complete a stylish wardrobe is a proper selection of additives. Extras are the finishing of clothing like buckle fastening a whole or as the dot over the “i”. The key determinant of the choice of additives is your figure, and specific styling.

Add a smile!

When you look beautiful, you smile automatically, so that you feel better, more confident, know your strengths and you’re proud of them. Sounds a little philosophically? It does not matter. From now dress up in a smile!

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