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Trendy asian haircuts for men

Haircuts for men seem always less complicate than for women, but don’t be confused! There a whole lot of haircuts for men, if you want to be trendy, here we leave you some ideas.


We have told you a bit about what are we going to see this summer, short hair and combed styles. But a bit of an asian style is becoming more and more fashionable lately.

Fringes are still part of this trend and straight hair is a must. Te hair will arrange to the side.


It’s a good idea to highlight some bits for your hair, creating contrast and giving it more movement to the side. If you have shorter hair you can still play with this style creating a serious style with a touch of fun.

This trend is great for young boys, and the only downside is that all that hair may become annoying! You will need hair spray to make it stay stylish all day.

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