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Trends Men Summer 2011

Summer is clse and we want to introduce you to the 2011 summer trends for men.

men summer

One of the main styles it’s a continuation from the tendencies in 2010: shirts with squares and long shorts is one of the main bets of big cloth shops as H&M and Zara Men. This combination is probably here to last.

One of the main changes is in the colours, because the camel is going to be a big protagonist (probably also in autumn-winter collections). Other tones are military greens and blues.

If you have to (or want to) wear a suit this summer, the style is making them more and more tight (better get to the gym now!).


One of the very new things this summer in men’s cloth are transparencies. Is this going to work? We don’t know yet, but it’s coming strong as a mode so we will have to wait till the summer to see how men like this or not.

When we are taking about jeans, a kind of Texan style is the rule, Oxford or any kin of jeans bigger at the end is going to be very fashionable.


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