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Total Solar Eclipse 2012

Delicate and romantic – that is powder pink. This is a very versatile color. It is easy to combine with other colors, and most importantly – will add charm to both blondes and brunettes.

Powder pink clothes

Powder pink clothes

Bright, pastel roses in a slightly dirty tone – it is precisely this powder pink. This color is associated mainly with romantic styling. Where appropriate, however, mergers may take claw and sensual look at the truth and probably Total Solar Eclipse 2012.

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse handbag

Dirty, powder pink color is definitely cold. True, he fits into every type of beauty, but the best present in the women with type summer and winter color. Be sure to keep in the closet thing in powdery pink, if:

  • your hair color blond or brown, but the gray hue,
  • your complexion is swarthy, or quickly sunbathing on a dirty brown color,
  • your freckles and moles are gray – brown tint.
Powder pink cell-phone

Powder pink cell-phone

Powder pink blends in with all the pastels – is an option for romantic women. However, if you want to add their styling a little bit of focus, we combine powder pink with black – then rise rock – romantic style, the perfect example for a date. At the event, however, it is worth adding to a dirty pink, silver, and not just in jewelry. In powdery pink, silver will look very noble.

Let’s move to another color. Intense, sometimes even neon orange. It’s the color that you can not miss. And although it is now plenty of shops, orange is not easy to wear.

Orange is a very saturated orange, which is now the most fashionable shade of that color. Its intensity can catch ones’ eyes and is able to cheer up everyone, even the most overcast summer day. Not every woman can afford to wear it at her face.

Orange is definitely a warm color. It will be beautiful ladies look for Fall and Spring type color. Women in the cold type may have it in the closet, but preferably in the form of supplements, which are away from your face – ie belts or shoes. You can wear orange on the face, if:

  • Your hair color is red or warm blond,
  • you have freckles and moles in amber,
  • your iris is conspicuous and strongly differs from the protein.

Orange is a very distinct color, which can lose a lot of the calmer colors. Yes, well present itself in warm beiges, but would extract the true depth of his equally intense color. We offer a sharp violet or cobalt – if you create a contrast of your styling is not only courageous, but also thought.

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