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Tips on choosing bridal shoes

shoes for the bride are the cross and delight any woman waiting for the fateful day of it. They, in addition to being an accessory material, must fully satisfy the needs of the bride and foremost be comfortable!

The etiquette has it that the wedding shoes should be strictly closed, whatever the season we get married. This does not mean they can not be separated, indeed, one of the examples used to a greater extent is the neckline and model Chanel. The ideal would prefer the shoes of the same fabric as the dress or the same color in every way.

The standard heel bridal shoes usually is around 6 cm, but there are those who choose higher and lower depending on how those who make up the pair under the appearance of height. Yet you never emphasize it too high-heeled shoes with it very low, otherwise you are likely to err and lose the elegance and style.

If tradition prefers closed shoes, at the moment are many designers who have beautiful sandals to wear with stockings, seamless fine. And you can say that most girls today prefer this type of style, certainly more fresh and youthful, compared to a typical wedding shoes completely closed.

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