Written by Tendenzias

Things men shouldn’t wear if they don’t know how

Women used to say men know nothing about fashion. But the truth is that lately we see more men taking care of their looks and succeeding in creating interesting and attractive styles.


But, of course, there are still some things that men do and we, ladies, think is terrible, here our list:

Even though it seems is going to become a mode in the next season, pants over the ankle are not sexy. Less especially if you wear them with ugly socks.

The disco t-shirt. Some men seems to think that the t-shirt they love have some sort of power over the ladies at the disco. Using it once and again doesn’t really do it for the girls. Ok, if you still have to use it, make sure you wash it during the week!


I have some friends that love scarfs and they know how to wear them. Most of them are gay, but that only means they have style to wear them. And believe, you need style to wear a scarf being a man! Is not an easy task…

V neck in t-shirts can be used with class and style, after all is a classic! But it can lso be taken to the complete opposite, a V neck that shows too much (pectorals or hair) is never attractive.

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