Written by Tendenzias

The wonderful creations of artifice, one for every special moment for you!

s_26455b9972664dc58cbef0144dd1d2b1With the splendid production of artifice takes a few gestures to get the feeling of having him in a jewel once again by the beauty and irresistible at any moment of your day.

U-turn is one of the very many new trends that bears the signature of Artefizio with which you can enjoy the privilege of having two jewels in a few gestures and total ease. The uniqueness of this beautiful jewel, a true work of design today is the possibility to freely choose the style of our ring thanks to a system of magnets. It takes just a few moments to change the gradation from gold to bronze in a few gestures to a particular aspect completely, if not exclusive! This unique creation is certainly a wonderful and original idea that will certainly not be neglected. The jewel is incomparable, and if you want to make your outfit unique, certainly you can not make it!

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