Written by Tendenzias

The trends for the coming season

It will be a season marked by elegance, sophistication of what is coming in a few months. In fact, the platforms were presented maxi dresses, full skirts and palazzo pants are the new must-have for any fashion addict. Make happy return to the trapeze dresses, the line that resembles the letter A. The inspiration comes from the 50s and 60s. Women love the line, especially as a result of this can easily hide any roll too; never before in this season will mark the triumph of white. It is likely that you dress in white from head to toe (so will not be spared even shoes, handbags, and perhaps also the nail polish!). The economic crisis makes its presence felt in the fashion world. In fact, the changes brought about by it are many. The challenge today is to not give up a stylish look without having to literally pass out! The polo neck that never goes out of fashion, this year will be especially useful in spring when the sun played hide and seek.

Finally it will be a season, the summer that I can not help but exotic. Also this year there will be floral, tribal designs, abstract patterns, however, even hallucinogenic. All this and much more for very hot summer!

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