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The outbreak of red

This precious metal, long shunned by women, has aroused the enthusiasm of the creators, when gold prices have reached a deterrent. Until recently, the red was not very popular. To the point that many people are struggling for a definition … But this is a precious metal, noble, with a handful of state (the letter V). It consists of a basic sterling silver plated with at least five microns of 18 carat gold. The persuasion of some creative helped polish his image. The soaring price of gold (whose price has increased five times in ten years) have at least one advantage, that of the metal used to rediscover a long period of time, especially by the Incas. In vogue in the eighteenth century, fell into disuse because of the toxicity of mercury necessary for its production (now replaced by electrolysis). “When we opened four years ago, thanks to the jewelry corner, we wondered how purists and do not want to buy more gold or silver, Vanessa recognizes Bonnefoux who co-directs the procurement office of the store with Stephanie Cohen. Prices been increasing, has been a deterrent for customers, but we could not put up signs in Serbian for this increase permanent.

At the same time, some designers have taken on the vermilion with attractive proposals that have taken off our membership. “In this shop on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, where girls buy jewelry how to open a purse or jeans, namely” to have fun and create a look “, the rings and bracelets Zovar Paola, Melchior and Alexandra Lara Margnat find buyers. In the same department stores such as Bon Marche and Franck et Fils Galeries Lafayette, where brands and those of small costume jewelry have succumbed to the temptation of this metal.

A history of style

Benedikt von Lepel fashion designer has launched a second line, by BVL, where his rings to messages or drawings (must have, Rock Me, inseparable …) are now available in gold plated silver. Same thing with Vanessa Tugendhaft which was already one of the first money to pave diamond, from 2007, and now offers versions red and shiny. Or Lara Melchior mold his own jewels, to his workbench at home, and it works well as gold vermeil (plated with 10 microns) so as not to discourage customers with inflated prices. These creative and attract a wider audience and fulfill the wishes of all those who consume too much. “If the quality is guaranteed, the material becomes almost secondary, Bonnefoux says Vanessa. Not the Place Vendome, this is not what triggers the purchase. This is primarily a story of style.” At the same time, many brands of fantasy and the increase in line with the attempt of precious vermeil. Rings naive and poetic, with colored stones of the October 5 show “something more timeless little jewels,” says the designer Sophie Pfeffer. Margnat Alexandra, she’s more used to working in brass. This season has even developed a numbered limited edition of rushes vermeil within which a message is written. It also includes Dear Charlotte, brand launched nine months ago from a former Vogue magazine, which offers some parts in brass and other silver-gilt, always around € 100. Her style? Vintage, classic, romantic and modern but accessible. There is a medallion in which a secret slip, or a ring engraved with the ties that look like a jewelry box in 1900.

Source: www.lefigaro.fr



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