Written by Tendenzias

The musts of the summer

What do you have to do wear this summer, the musts of the season.


Certain pieces of cloth are very important this summer and you’ll have to have them if you want to be with the fashion. Even if it may look a bit different than what you’re used to wear, this pieces are unique and are part of a very special style.

Big size cloth that make your style fresh and almost like they were flying are a big trend this summer, even with long sleeves.

The pants we show you here are rather unique and you’ll need the right attitude to wear them as they carry a lot of character!


Blouses and stamped gauzed will be seen this summer with a wide combination of colours (you will probably find your own!). Apparently we will be seeing a lot of the 70s’ this season, and even some platform shoes will be back everywhere, can’t wait?

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