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The most popular brands and Fashion Week in Paris

On the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week, Ykone Ebuzzing has engaged in a collaboration to publish a study of fashion and social media including Trademarks, Facebook pages and interactions, influential blogs … In total, more than 50 articles of 3M sources were analyzed in the first half of 2011.

The brands mentioned:

With 27% of the votes, H & M is the brand that attracts the most attention in blog and media world. Zara is second with 16% of the votes, followed by Mango (6%), Etam (6%) and New Look with 5% of the votes. In luxury, with a 14% and 13% share of the votes, Dior and Chanel are the two brands mentioned in relation to other brands such as John Galliano (8%), or Karl Lagerfeld (7%).

Facebook pages and interactions

With more than 10 million fans, Zara scored ahead of other brands in most ready-to-wear fan bases, ensuring true “showcase communities” for its brand. H & M comes in second with more than 8 million fans. The Swedish brand, however, is more active in Zadar on its Facebook page and offers a richer content, with a greater number of responses. Levi and Roxy come in third and fourth positions respectively with 7M and 1M fans on their Facebook pages.

Full list of the most influential

The cherry blossom girl, Garance Doré, Diary Fashion, Punky B and Miss Pandora 5 Blogs are essential in the fashion world. Ms. Scarlett, appears to be the most promising blog. Ebuzzing is a platform built to create connections between brands and communities through social media. The group Ebuzzing (formerly a FaceBook group) has a specific audience of 28.5 million unique visitors according to comScore. Ykone is a start-up founded in 2008 by Olivier Billon and Mathieu Lebreton (formerly L’Oréal Luxury). The company, organizer of theFLOW, publishes several magazines online and supports more than 70 companies in their social media strategies. On the eve of Fashion Week in Paris in late September, FLOW (Fashion Luxury on the Web) transforms Paris into the fashion capital of the world for a day. Organized by Ykone, the event was held on September 26 in Paris. This event was designed primarily for advertisers in the industry with the conference being dedicated to luxury. Its goal was to pursue two objectives: to respond to the influence of luxury and give them the tools to deal effectively with the environment of the social web.

Three main topics were discussed: the relationship between brands and blogs, the community of e-commerce and branding strategy in real time. Influential actors in the blogosphere were Tumblr, Cool Hunting, HighSnobiety, Bloglovin ‘, were the keys to a successful collaboration with blogs.


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