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The modern trend of LeCarré jewelry

leCarré jewelry

This summer enrich your hands with the bulky and most current designs of the exclusive jewels of  leCarré. Following the fashion trends nowadays, this Galician jeweler’s shop firm bets for the trends of the 70s, but re-edited by its designers to obtain exclusive pieces like the ones shown in the picture. The big volumes, the completions in gilding and some brushstrokes in color rosé reflect perfectly the essence of the seventies that the jeweler has wanted to transmit with its creations. Among its most exclusive pieces we can mention the flower ring and the laces ring, both made of silver of 925 thousandth with baths of rodio white, gold and pink gold. Their prices are 59 and 49 Euros respectively.

With its headquarters at La Coruña, LeCarré forms part a business family group founded in 1982 and consolidated in the sector of the Jeweler’s shop. The company has devoted itself for more than 30 years to the manufacture and distribution of traditional jeweler’s shop so much in Gold, Silver as other materials. LeCarré arises from the appearance of the second generation of family entrepreneurs in this company with longing for creating a differentiated product where what has more weight it is the Design and the Quality.

The brand was created in the year 2010, launching its first collection ‘ The vie in Rose ‘ that gives form to jewels of great volume and excellent ended. It has some 12 stores nationwide an a complete web page where you can find all its collections. Its designs have been mentioned by great fashion magazines such as Vogue.

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