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The model project of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani I expressed through the world of my brand, Armani Casa, which is a reflection of what I expect from an ideal home. An intimate place to live couldbe both silent and to receive his friends in an environment that exudes the visual harmony, but without show-off! My creative work leads me to constantly push myself to venture into areas other than fashion. My guideline? Remain faithful to my aesthetic vision.What unites fashion and decor Armani universe? They are deeply connected. As in everything I undertake, never in excess, simple lines and an endless search for beauty, an underlying concept of my work. Mode, you said you were inspired by the work of Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Lawrence. And the design? There are so many talented people! I admire those who have their own vision and to defend it with passion. I think the architect contemporainTadao Ando and his sense of refinement, the designer-architect Mies van der Rohe, who led the Bauhaus in the ’30s, Le Corbusier, who knew before anyone else find the perfect balance between form and function , or the Art Deco designer Jean-Michel Frank, for his creation of perfect simplicity, but are made with precious materials.

How did you put the case in Milan?

Starting with the architectural style of the facade. It is a reinforced concrete building in 1937. With its imposing proportions, is very representative of the rationalist period. Its appearance reflects the feeling of solidity that comes from this city. Inside, I did the real work on the volumes, and I gave particular attention to materials research and quality of light. This is the kind of subtle detail that makes the difference. What kind of hotel you can match? Difficult to answer because not normally resident in hotels, preferring to stay in my house. Feeling at home is essential. This is also in this sense that I gained my hotel concept, where we find the comfort and elegance of a private home with a personalized guarantee continuous, but discrete.

In an interview with Madame Figaro, who told us that one of your favorite rooms was the bathroom. How you dealt with at a hotel in Milan? I wanted spacious and comfortable, and I made sure that does not communicate directly with room for more privacy. It ‘s also ideally structured for two. Small detail: the shower is dressed in a mirror, to see without being seen … You live in Milan. What are the places that enchant? The Corso Garibaldi, the contrast between the skyscrapers under construction and old facades. I love the tranquility of the cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie, lulled by the sound of water from the fountain. A place of tranquility and meditation. Finally, I would say Brera, a charming area of Old Milan, where there is a seventeenth century palace that houses the art gallery.

The Gold of the phony antiques. “Decorative, eclectic and consistently attract anti-conventional, since the late ’70s, people of fashion and design. An amazing collection of curiosities, initiated by Maurizio Epifani eccentric.”


Source: www.lefigaro.fr

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