Written by Tendenzias

The major skirt of the season

It would be difficult to list all types of skirts that we saw on the platforms for summer 2011. To give you an idea anyway, will try to present the models that we believe are most representative.


One of the first models of which we speak is the sheath skirt. It, now back to the seasons is always in fashion. It is ideal for any situation. With a jacket is perfect for commuting to work, with a blouse women become very sensual and appropriate for a romantic evening.


The novelty of the season is represented by the sheath slit. You will notice the contrast between the elegance of the sheath and this tantalizing detail. If you like this skirt pattern you should look at the Gucci collection. It’s also the welcome return to the calf skirt style that recalls the ’30s and ’40s. You should always choose a length that ends there where the calf begins to ‘cling’ to the ankle.

Other model will see the skirt that ’50 / ’60, which follows the model of the skirt (however well as entire wheel) with vibrant creativity, a little ‘retro. A good example of this model was presented by skirts Moschino Cheap & Chic.

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