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The Ibiza look


Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Antonio Marrasare only some of the gurus of the gangplank that this summer have bet for it, for the purest of the colors: white. The leitmotif? Undoubtedly, the hippie spirit of the glorious 70’s and an already fundamental concept in the fashion dictionary: the Ad Lib fashion, abbreviation for Ad Libitum’s , which means ‘ Towards the freedom’.

An term invented- at the beginning of the 70’s – by a Yugoslavian princess called Smilja Mijailovich that, inspired by her love with Ibiza, decided to impose a motto as sign of identity of the island: ” Just dress the way you want but with style “. She was the first woman that recovered for the cupboard of the most cool of the female vacationers of that time the typical dresses of the Ibiza country maids: absolute white, sets with tacks, laces and other details of local crafts combined with accessories of leather, head-scarfs of relaxed air and vintage articles rescued from any corner of the world.

And it is precisely within this philosophy of style that we have came to the conclusion that this summer cannot be absent from this trend. So get a hippie garment, white and long, certainly, and wear during any hour of the day. During the day, combine the white dress with huntress of leather in camel tone, wedge sandals, a broad belt and great purse in bandoleer. During the night, you will only need an touch of sophistication. Mix your ‘extralarge’ garment with a great headscarf of color and ethnic version, long necklaces in aged metal and flat sandals Romans style . As for the purse, choose one of small format and long handle.

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