Written by Tendenzias

The fashion years ’70

On the it skis some era power flower and of the beat generation, the fashion of the years ’70 is imposed not only for the multicolored beauty of the heads and objects proposals, but above all like a true and actual cultural motion.     The fashion in the years ’70 ebb the quality of to clear a subculture that, until that period, cautious underground came. “It put the flowers in your cannons” screamed in those years, but also on all of the garments; enormous flowers but also small small, you draw geometrical colored and alone hoops or that interweave between them. Mini-dresses, mini mini skirts, scarf, bags, gigantic hats were a receptacle of color and drawings.

In order not to talk about the developed glasses giant that they went to cover it almost entirety of the face of who put on them, with the setting-ups eternally colored or of the packed high to the feet of the women. For how much it pertains the feminine hairstyles, the imperative was the voluminous shape and cotton or, for who appreciated it of more, a fine bob to the Catering Tollbooths. All this until the half of the years ’70, because with a flight Pindar the hosiery will be moved on the spun to color united, that will remain beyond the decade.

The men, in the meanwhile, we see to rummage them with close-fitting jeans and obligatory to foot of elephant with on the ordinary ray ban to drop and the gaudy bag to like faithful day of companion shoulder strap. It was the period of the I overestimate pure, and also the covers of the vinyls to 45 turns or the same posters that represented events and concerts, oozed the taste of the psychedelic pure one! How to forget the kaleidoscope with the its one thousand drawings represented in a tube whirling, or the card from parades that appeared like a large palette where to imprint with power and complex energy figures geometrical. How does it appreciate, the articulation of the fashion of the years ’70 (from the garments to the costume jewelry) door to applaud the exaltation of the cultural aftertaste that fills it. In the days ours they returned present so to support the theory, a time for all, that before was very better!


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