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The fashion trends of 2011 children


Certainly the Kids created by Silvian Heach for the period spring-summer 2011 will attract the attention of the mature and well why not also a bit ‘green with envy. In fact, the line designed for girls is really nice, it shows, in fact, the same book, which totally beautiful young models baby is inattentive to interpret the style “large”, but without excess, in a location very accurate but mostly chic . Fashion and glam are the masters of small but important look well in the first actresses of the brand campaign, consisting of heads really unique, very trendy and probably uncomfortable for games. A style that could infuriate the right-thinking, maybe blaming a desire by parents to want to see their daughters’ already large and probably forgetting that they are still little girls to grow and have before them a very long road to go! In any event, the fashion line designed especially for your children by Silvian Heach preserves the pure simplicity of childhood, although they put on some beautiful dresses, sequins and trench coat, the head of the trend of the season will arrive soon!

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