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The fall-winter 2011/2012 fashion trends

As the autumn and winter seasons approach, people begin exploring the fashion trends for 2011/2012.

In this short article, will try to advise the reader on what the fashion gurus are saying about what’s fashionable this fall/winter season. So let’s find out what the fashion trends will be for 2012, in short, what will we wear during the upcoming season? Autumn /Winter 2011 2012 is still far away but a lot of fashion trends have already been revealed. Here is are a few steps to making very trendy purchases.

In looking at the big Italian brands, which are famous worldwide, we have discovered that among the big names in Italian fashion, one trend has been revealed and it is good news for those who are passionate about luxury clothing: resurfaced fur.

In fact, it is a fur that goes well with hats, which, this year seem to be the principal fashion accessory for the industry’s leaders. We’ll be curious to see if this recent trend for hats will only be seen in its simplest version or they will be seen in more sophisticated styles, even appear on the runways as extravagant accessories or be worn to special events by the rich and the famous. This makes us think that the fashion trends for the autumn-winter 2012 season will offer a variety of choices allowing you to pick and choose fashions which are more suited your own personality.

According to what emerged from the catwalks this year, there will be a welcome return to simplicity. Lace dresses, for example are one of many trends designed to allow women to express their femininity, emphasizing their innate elegance and will no doubt attract a lot of attention. Many of the most famous fashion houses, Pucci, Dior and Gucci to name a few will be featuring lace in many of their designs. They are all using this fabric to produce beautiful skirts, jackets, etc. all for the discerning, demanding woman who wish for the quality that these signature designs will give them. Women will also have the opportunity to express their femininity and their sensuality through the transparent material used to design a variety of dresses, skirts, as well as blouses. One house that seems to concentrated on featuring the sensuality of women is the Franco Gucci Dolce and Stephano Gabbana house. They did not want to sacrifice this aspect of their design as they fell that is an important aspect of the woman. As it turns out, this was an excellent decision. Where coats are concerned, this year they will be just above knee length, short. There will coats that will fit a variety of tastes from the simplest design to the more fitted and sophisticated styles. We have also noticed that fur coats are in fashion this year, in particular, doing the Fendi show, they reintroduced a style that had been made popular doing the 1970s.


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