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The brand of Simona Barbieri Twin Set for 2011



The mark of Simona Barbieri Twin Set 2011 for this point all the feminine temperament and sentimentality. The bikinis are very minimal and the colors as black, white, beige and brown. All this is made more valuable by pleating, ruffles and different applications. This range from timeless jewel sequin inserts with different forms, from small to multi-colored beads colored discs, inserts of varying circles decorative fabrics.


 The swimsuits are linear, very simple, but made distinctive by the addition of inserts and the absence of braces, which makes them very elegant. Not there are few black and white stripes and polka dots and more pleasant line with the puppy, which follows very much what the distinctly American. Among the prints are remarkable animals and fantasies are mentioned reasons cashmere. And just the Indian region, seems to be the inspiration for the pants fabric is very light, delicate dresses, interesting shirts and soft top. The collection includes also the jersey dresses and clothes that are stretched out a specific reference to everything that belongs to the Middle East.

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