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Thanksgiving 2012

In the Fashion world we have to plan and organise everything with time, that’s the reason to tell you everything you want to know about Thanksgiving 2012.

thanksgiving fashion

In 2012 Thanksgiving falls on the Thursday November 22.

Tanksgiving day always falls on a different date as it’s supposed to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November. This was decided by an American president that you probably know: Lincoln, in 1863. And it’s since then that the celebration of Thanksgiving (a day to thank for everythng we have) has become one of th.e most respected b american families.

The celebration of Thanksgiving had its origins in the rituals to thank after a succesful harvest and is part of a serie of celebrations that used to connect people and nature. Today little is left of the real meaning of this day (which was to avoid bad spirits and give thanks), but we still thank for our food that day and celebrate with some traditional dishes and in family.

Do you know about the history of Thanksgiving? In the old age some similar festivities were registered in Greece, China and between the Romans. In the New World the story goes back to the original pilgrims. They had been fighting against nature as the first years were bad for the harvest. But after 1621 the things started to look better and in a few years they had developed a strong community thanks to very successful harvests.

Long time ago the pilgrims were left but the Thanksgiving Day was a tradition even if it wasn’t declared official until the late XIX century.

The celebration of Thanksgiving usually doesn’t involve presents, but it definately includes a lot of food. So get ready to eat well!

Thanksgiving fashion

Even when daily life is becoming more and more informal, Thanksgiving day, the ritual of the family reunion requires some attention to our outfits as we have to look elegant and smart. Knit dresses, turtleneck or classy dresses are the best options for women, while men should wear shirt (and tie if it’s appropiate) and good (and probably unconfortable) shoes.

thanksgiving trend

Canada has a different day for this celebration, being always on the second Monday of October.

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