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TCN opens Barcelona 080 Fashion Show


Female designer Totón Comella celebrates this year an important anniversary; for this reason, she wanted to give  her city, Barcelona, a wide looking and powerful of ideas cat-walk that have opened the young 080 Fashion Show. At its 25th anniversary, her brand, TCN, has taken us to the world of swimsuits -for the next summer- through very different paths. One group of swimsuits are for the crafty woman, who uses colorful mini bikinis and other for women of a target a bit older with comfortable articles and combinations; in addition, other group of designs are based in the look that will be the trendiest of the season: a return to the hippie looks (one that seems to have never gone away), for a woman of relaxed environment and certain folk air.

For them, its dresses of wide blouses, hot tones and an attitude -being the most important thing- of open minded spirits. Since it has been traditional, each of her presentations comes along with a great stylism and very elegant atmosphere. That is how she obtains the suitable cellophane to cover her works. Along the elaborated parade we can see the merger of prints, shocking at the beginning, as moles and stripes but that give an image of very interesting attraction. In addition, other options present at the Fashion Show 080 was that of the designs quite above the hip. Here, like often in her career, she passes from one side to the other: from the mini-mini aesthetics to another of a much more quiet concept.

Totón Comella designs for a woman that gets more diversified every day and, as her universe of the feminine design do not stop from expanding, she continuous giving us sufficient motives for smiling.

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