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Tattoos for Girls

At the beginning of tattoos history, women who got them received a lot of criticisms and were branded as rebels and eccentric. Fortunately tattoos for girls are becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Although men get more tattoos than women, it isn´t offensive for women to get a tattoo anymore and society see girls tattoos sexy and attractive.  But there are still differences between tattoos for girls and boys, based on the differences in physical constitution and special characteristics of the both sexes.

Generally, tattoos for girls are smaller, prettier and less aggressive than tattoos for boys. Tattoos for girls usually include symbols and draws as butterflies, tribal, stars and shooting stars, flowers, fairies, heart, dragonflies, dolphins, celtic draws and the zodiac symbols, which can be tattooed in any part of the body, although it is advisable have a tattoo on a place than you can easily cover up.

Originality is one of the main aspects that you have to consider, as choosing a tattoo, because it is for life. If you have already look up a lot of tattoos catalogs and you don’t have found the one you want, you could design your own tattoo, by using your personal experiences to be inspired.

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