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Summer-proof legs!

  Summer: the thermometer rises and the legs are discovered. Are you ready to face the warm weather after a winter of hiding your legs under heavy winter clothing? There is nothing to be alarmed about as there is always time to improve the situation by adopting a healthier lifestyle! In this post, we will discuss some simple tips to get your legs ready for the summer. Hair Removal – Whatever your preferred method, removing unwanted hair is a must, especially since during the summer you will want to show off a variety of costumes and dresses without embarrassment. If you prefer the convenience and speed of the razor, always use a new one, along with special foam, being careful to choose one that does not cause skin irritation. If you prefer longer-term solutions such as waxing or hair removal, the problem may be that the hair grows back under the skin so you had better not try to extract them with tweezers and needles thus avoiding the risk of causing injury, rub gently with a cotton ball soaked in glycolic acid tonic and, above all, when you bathe or shower, do not forget to exfoliate the skin, with a special scrub solutions or use “home” remedies, such as rubbing the skin with a mixture of olive oil and sugar. In this way, among other things, you will have a much softer skin. Cellulite – Nothing is more distressing than unsightly pads on the thighs, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view): Cellulite does not spare even the divas of Hollywood or the most famous models. Getting of it completely is not easy, but can be reduced by using consistently (preferably, throughout the year) a good caffeine-based cream, amplifying the effect with a massage, perhaps with the help of one of those great masseurs manuals found in perfumes, herbal medicine or at the pharmacy. Capillaries – Another problem that plagues women of all ages. The appearance of the capillaries can be prevented with exercise and a diet rich in bioflavonoids (found for example in blueberries and berries in general). If the problem is more serious, you can use a special cream (better talk to your doctor first) or, in severe cases, use the laser to remove them (always under strict medical supervision). However, if you want to restrict yourself to just hiding the capillaries, a good make up foundation for the body will also help to hide some small blemishes or scars. Swelling – High temperatures favor the swelling in the legs, but the cause of this problem is poor circulation. To help, it is essential to drink plenty of water, eat fruit (especially berries and pineapple for bioflavonoids “) and vegetables and to minimize salt consumption. Also, avoid tight pants too, which cause dilation of blood vessels. Finally, aid may come from the lymphatic drainage and by alternating hot and cold jets of water in the shower, to give a boost to movement. Self Tanning – If the holidays are still far away and you are not exactly the admirers of pale skin, you can give your legs a little color by using self-tanner. Be careful to choose quality products to avoid allergic reactions that could also be serious, and which are easy to apply.          

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