Written by Tendenzias

Summer hats

Summer means sun, beach and heat. And even if we love to lie under the sun enjoying the end of the winter, we have to take care of our skin.


The face is the most delicate part of our body when we are talking about sun exposure. The problem may not be obvious immediately but is something that could appear after some years. Wrinkles and spots, something we want to avoid. And the best way is to use one stylish hat that will not only protect our face but also look glamorous.


The mode for this summer is to use wide wing hats, especially those made of straw or felt. They not only look elegant but also are very easy to wear with any kind of summer cloth. As you can see, it also works perfectly to cover our face protecting us from the exposure to the sun.


The fun side of these hats is that you can personalise your using accessories. Do you have any ideas?

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