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Summer fashion colors 2011, in order not to blunder itself!

Amelioration! The winter went and a new season is at the doors; the summer is arriving, the temperature is lifting and the wicked big clouds are going away from our skies. And a lot they are now asking “that I put me?”. Precisely, for this the colors fashion of this summer, will be. The fashion woman from now will be fresh, cheerful, young and full of life. A summer all’ sign above all of the colors I flow. The must, will be without doubt the yellow one in all of his touches; has seen in a lot of the recent parades, and is undoubtedly a solar and youthful color.

While the collection Cachet prefers the citrus, using colors like also the orange, the green apple, the fuchsia and the turquoise. Impossible not to note a’ explosion of cheerfulness and vitality in the mandarin color skirts, in the blazer lemon yellow and in the vitamin colors. The yellow diamond of relief in the parades from Christian Dior to Giambattista Ramparts to Peter Som that realized some unpublished creations to put on the red carpet or in other formal events. While Gucci to Krizia, Etro, DNKY, Versus, Louis Vuitton realized determined mix of colors superimposed the other for a style really blinding but perfect for the summer.

The true tendency however is in the link and to blend at least three different colors. Although these introductions, the yellow one is a really difficult color to carry, for this the experts expressed some rules guides. It regulates that they affirm that, the Mediterranean with the skin more darkness should choose the yellow one lit, the blonds should choose tone of yellow more sweets, the red should choose for warm tone like the yellow one gilded or honey. The possible linking would be able to be stronger like the yellow one on yellow, or lighter with the addition of a white clothing when seems yourselves too, this combination is attractive above all if linked to much skin like, an inhabit yellow with a bag of the same color. For a very summer look and solar! The yellow one with beige tone, powder or camel. A very attractive combination, constituted from the linking of a sole piece in yellow. The yellow one with other tone lit. For this summer all of the linking that exist in the rainbow are possible. The yellow one with the denim! For a very summer look linked the tone of the yellow one lit with the colorless denim. However it is necessary always to experience to appraise really what color s’ puts on better, therefore does not remain that to experience and obviously to follow our flavor!

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