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Sportswear power saving mode

Among the office dress code and “must haves” of the season, there is a locker room for a comfortable and stylish, offering to go to yoga or fly.

Trend. women’s sport is he? The question seems absurd. Yet the French have always seemed divided between a formal dressing, parts ultra-casual fashions and boosted with the arrival of the “carrot” trousers four years ago. When the question is really to easy-care clothing, comfort and aesthetic “sports“, the market remains quiet or caricature.

“They say that women are men DriveES fashion and function, but it’s true, says Lalun Tancredi, purchasing manager modes in the spring. For a sportswear brand, is often the easiest option: the technique to humans Pink … and for women. “Audience.

Among the “activewear”, so dedicated to the practice of specific disciplines, and how it turns the corners of a city in spicy dressing Sport details (here a string, where the mesh), the proposals are pragmatic and rather elegant, interesting mix with “classic” or able to respond to personal moments, outside the field of social representation.

“If the Americans have invented sportswear is that actually wear to work or out. When they return home, they need to get comfortable, to play down. But they are put in pajamas, still Lalun Tancredi. This search for the non-ostentatious sophistication, which is otherwise too partisan fashion, has made the success of Gap and American Apparel, but also James Perse or APC and corresponds to a profound need for simplicity chic, beautiful cuts, materials washed, gently ..”

The argument makes sense this week at the Printemps Haussmann. The Paris store, which has completely redesigned its fourth floor, on Monday inaugurated two angles: Kooples Sports (which assumes no changes T-shirts and polo shirts to wear in the city) and T by Alexander Wang (whose sweaters and knit skirts, the tank tops and ultra-lightweight vest and even bras mottled wool triangles are to die for). The American designer today is in fact one of those sports most successful mode + In addition, both in his line of T or one that runs in New York. But Isabel Marant is doing very well with his daughters a sweater as a changing American campus. It seems obvious: they have up their sleeves and batteries have a referral … Paris and New Yorkers fighting for her.

Out on a pure fashion, looke continues the search for comfort. In 2010, the French brand 2WS Souls Wild World has invested a very particular niche with the development of a cabinet according to yamakasi values (art movement): “No barrier between the body and matter, without protection, but the comfort that would isolateprotects. ”

About Behind the esoteric, there are mesh cut francs serve Japanese style aesthetic that will fit a yoga studio as a lobby airport. Because the problem is there too: dress thousands of travelers who refuse to appear to tourists …

Hence the success of the line Perfect 10 has launched this winter, Pringle of Scotland on the idea of Cashmere (kimono sweater, scarf, tights …) flown: the demand is such that the Colorama brand will expand its offering travel accessories and even humans. MUS side, the panoply of the perfect globetrotter designed by Veronique Leroy is exemplary in terms of silhouette and comfort, as the line Moncler Grenoble: both are easy-going and uncompromising.

Source: www.lefigaro.fr


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