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Some tips to solve the problem of sweating of the feet


Sometimes it may happen that our feet are suffering, and heavier than the problem is to fit them for many hours locked in their shoes then find them again later wet with sweat.

This article attempts to illustrate how to remove diaphoresis by the foot in a simple and normal.Feet3

First thing you need is to wash your feet with a neutral soap and clean thoroughly with a towel so as to remove all the moisture before you put your shoes on. Then take a bowl with water and neither hot nor cold a spoon of apple vinegar, half a bowl of green tea and a tablespoon of baking soda. After you take a bowl and pour in the mixture and blend. Finally, leave on your feet for at least a good twenty minutes. As soon will be past this time, dry your feet carefully with a dry towel to remove moisture can use the hair dryer. Finally, you should buy in the drugstore and apply talcum powder to your feet whenever you wear shoes in order to erase the unpleasant odor and perspiration that it generates.feet2

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