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Some social aspects

Palermo, March 8, 2006, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a group of friends go to the hairdresser in the morning, then lunch at a nice restaurant with their boyfriends, who can never forget to bring the foul-smelling mimosa they would have done without buying, but we know that for a peaceful coexistence they will allow this. In the evening the friends find themselves in one of those places that is trendy, reserved for women only and that will close the evening with a striptease involving an undignified “machoman”.

Africa March 8, 2006, a Taika black girl who lives in Nigeria, and is unfamiliar with the practices of the Western world, perhaps because she is too busy, along with her friends, to deal with a company that does not recognize women’s rights and that gives life under the conditions of a minority. And what has the man done to prevent this? At this, they have showed no particular interest, because basically the most important problems are:

1) do not forget 8 March, to avoid bloody reprisals,

2) find a florist nearby.

Luckily today there are judges in Italy who are protecting the rights of women. But, there are also those judges who have seen fit to reduce the sentence to offenders charged with sexual assault against women who have already had sex. It could be a way to encourage those suffering from mental disorders to get information about their victim and on her past sexual experiences and this may be relevant to a reduction of sentence. I hope through this short article you can get some ideas and pause for reflection, that may accompany each of us, I hope there is a good Italian citizen who still, despite everything and everyone believes in the fundamental values of humanity.

An interesting initiative

This is the slogan of cultural-economic initiative called “Siciliano I borrowed.” This project aims to educate the consumer, that every citizen of our land of Sicily, to prefer the choice of purchasing goods that day, those which have been produced in our region. The project is considered relevant for the resumption of the Sicilian economy, spending on goods produced or marketed by persons in Sicily in the Sicilian economy, in order to prevent the transfer of capital abroad, that once out will never be invested in our territory. So it is important that each Sicilian transform the normal cost-benefit ratio, i.e. to prefer a product Sicilian origin and risk spending a few cents more on a locally produced than on the same product made outside the region. This may prove to be expensive now but will benefit the Sicilian community economically in the long term. In fact, only one eighth of consumer goods that are bought are the fruit of our land, if only we could double this value every year we would be richer than 5 billion euros. The “borrowed the Sicilian”, performed by a cultural association of boys who really want to do it: “The Young Sicilian” (www.giovanesicilia.it), promotes free products and commercial operators in Sicily on a radio broadcast and on free websites for companies, trying to transform small businesses into medium and medium large ones. Of course, the association promotes only healthy companies from a legal standpoint, not using illegal workers and not paying “protection money” to any criminal organization, for a real fight against the Mafia and concrete steps being made day by day, with an attitude perennially facing the law and not by cowardly mass demonstrations that are unconscious and basically devoid of content. For the recovery of the Sicilian economy we cannot wait for the mere intervention of the institutions as these are not sufficient. The power to make the economy more prosperous in Sicily lies with the Sicilian people! Why Buying is more important than the Vote!

New York, March 8, 1908, a group of 100 workers died after days of strike. All were inside of a factory destroyed by fire. The reason? To obtain better living conditions and rights which were never recognized: “equal opportunity in employment.”

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